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 Things to see and do in Hartbeespoort dam area
 De Wildt Cheetah Centre / Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre  De Wildt Cheetah Centre
The cheetah centre is only two kilometers from Moonlight Backpackers Lodge, and home to a variety of wildlife, and not only
 cheetahs. The centre became world renowned when they were the first to successfully breed cheetahs in captivity. They are also
 well known for the great successes that they have with the breeding of cape hunting dogs, or better known as wild dogs, which is
 the second most endangered predator in Africa. The centre operate two tours daily, and you have the option of booking
 "running with the cheetahs" additional to the normal morning tour. It is essential to book a tour in advance.
 De Wildt 4x4 track  De Wildt 4x4 and hinking trails
An amazing experience for all 4x4 enthusiasts. The De Wildt 4x4 venue is only three kilometers from Moonlight Backpackers
 Lodge, and offers a challenging course up the Magaliesberg mountains. See the below website for a few brilliant photos. They also
 have a lovely walking / hiking trail up the Magaliesberg mountains. You are guaranteed to see a variety of wildlife which is on the
 property. You can relax at the sports bar in their beautiful thatched lapa after your walk or 4x4 expedition, or have a picnic under the
 trees at their picnic site, or braai (BBQ) at one of the many sites. Don't forget to cool off in the pool.
 Camelotte wedding venue  Camelotte wedding venue in De Wildt
 This beautiful wedding venue is situated in De Wildt close to Hartbeespoort dam and Brits. The buildings look like an old style
 castle, and the gardens are lovely. They have a beautiful church, where you can tie the knot. Have a look at their website for many
 photos of this outstanding venue. Many of our past clients were guests of a wedding at Camelotte wedding venue. We have only
 heard very good remarks and how wonderful and beautiful the wedding was from these clients. The venue is only two kilometers
 from Moonlight Backpackers Lodge, where your friends & family can stay in comfortable & affordable accommodation.
 Upperdeck Restaurant Damdoryn Hartbeespoort dam  Upperdeck restaurant
 There are 12 restaurants offering a great variety of food, within 15 minutes from Moonlight Backpackers Lodge.
 One of the most popular must be Upperdeck open air restaurant in Hartbeespoort dam. They have life bands on Fridays, Saturdays,
 Sundays and public holidays. Sundays are very popular with 800 to 1000 people enjoying a meal and the music.
 Wednesday night special is a 500 gram T-bone steak, chips, spinach, and pumpkin.
 Another popular meal is the one kilogram eisbein - Amazing.
 Cable car way Hartbeespoort dam  Cable car up the Magaliesberg Mountain
 The Aerial Cableway Hartbeespoort offers visitors panoramic views of the beautiful Magaliesberg, Hartbeespoort Dam and
 surrounding areas, as well as excellent recreational and educational facilities.
 Snake and animal park Hartbeespoort dam  Snake and animal park Hartbeespoort dam
 Hartbeespoort dam snake and animal park is built on the shores of the dam, and only ten minutes from Moonlight Backpackers
 Lodge. The park has daily shows with the snakes, as well as seals and penguins. The park is home to a large variety of other
 mammals, such as lion, hyena, leopard, tigers, bears, wolves, monkeys, apes, jaguars and many more. They also have an
 enormous variety of birds including vultures.
 Elephant sanctuary Hartbeespoort dam  Elephant sanctuary Hartbeespoort dam
 The Elephant Sanctuary provides a safe haven for our elephants and offers guest education and interaction.
 All the programs are guest and elephant driven, which means the most important part of the operation is to ensure happy elephants
 and satisfied guests. The close encounter with elephants guests experience at The Elephant Sanctuary is truly one of a kind. You
 can book a ride on an African elephant, additional to the normal daily tours, which can be combined with lunch or a dinner. The
 elephant sanctuary is only eight minutes from Moonlight lodge.
 Monkey sanctuary Hartbeespoort dam  Bush Babies Monkey sanctuary Hartbeespoort dam
 All tours are structured and guided. Walk through natural indigenous forests on elevated wooden walkways and experience a
 variety of exotic monkeys in an exquisite natural environment. The experience is described as a non-interactive game-viewing
 opportunity to see once-captive primates in a wild environment. Tours are highly informative and the walk is leisurely, winding its
 way through a tranquil forest setting.
 Boaters world Hartbeespoort dam  Boat trips on Hartbeespoort dam
 Corporate functions
 Party boat trips
 Private functions
 and much more ……
 Paddle power Hartbeespoort dam  Action and adventure activities around Hartbeespoort dam
 Full day rafting, Half day rafting, Two day rafting with overnight, Abseiling, Mountain biking, Tubing, Flat water canoeing,
 Bridge swing, Quad biking, 80 meters cable slide, Climbing wall, Archery or Crossbow.
 African arts and crafts  Arts and craft markets around Hartbeespoort dam
 Hartbeespoort dam must have one of the largest arts and crafts (curio) markets in southern Africa, with a large variety of arts and
 crafts from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Senegal, Malawi, Tanzania and Mali. Close to the markets is Welwitchia country
 market where you will find interesting and useful home crafts.
 Hartbeespoort dam and the surrounding areas are well known for the large number of artists, which means that there are a
 number of art galleries in Hartbeespoort dam area. Many of the art galleries are in Scott Street.
 Ama zwing zwing  Zip line close to Hartbeespoort dam
 Adventure is on your doorstep and this one should be on your must-do list of experiences! The tour is around two hours long.
 Enjoy this unique adventure of sliding on steel cables while viewing the wildlife below! With a total length of 1.3 km, made up of
 7 slides, this adventure in the sky continues over ten platforms ranging in height from 2m up to 14m. Climbing the staircase takes
 you up to the highest platform where you can enjoy refreshments while taking in the breathtaking view of the surrounding
 Magaliesberg mountains and the Crocodile river. The longest slide is 240 meters long. A meal at Amazingwe lodge is included.
 Bill Harrop hot air ballon trips  Hot air balloon trips around Hartbeespoort dam
 You're sipping fine champagne while hovering gently above the tree tops of the beautiful Magalies River Valley, or drifting
 majestically high above the Magaliesberg range, just 45 km north of Johannesburg's northern suburbs, a region boasting some of
 the best ballooning weather in the world. The exceptional peace of this unique and almost supernatural view of the world will forever
 remain as a truly cherished memory. After landing, savour a delectable and generous champagne breakfast at our new, traditionally
 exquisite and beautifully appointed restaurant.
 Golf  Golf courses around Hartbeespoort dam
 There are many well known golf courses within 20 minutes from Moonlight Backpackers Lodge.
 A few popular courses are:
 Sandy Lane Golf Club ( Website )
 Magaliespark Golf Club ( Website )
 Pecanwood Golf Club ( Website )
 Brits Golf Club ( Website )
 Health spa's close to Hartbeespoort and Magaliesberg  Health spa's around Hartbeespoort dam
 Book a relaxing day with your girl friends at one of the many health spa's close to Moonlight Backpackers Lodge.
 A few popular spa's are:
 River View Spa
 Bella Mour Spa
 Vusalela Spa
 Sparkling Water Spa
 Horse Trails  Horse trails around the Hartbeespoort dam area
 Saddle Creek Ranch nestles in the Hekpoort valley in the foothills of the magnificent Magaliesberg mountains. We offer horseback
 riding with a difference, riding western style on  "a well trained, obedient calm and friendly" trail horses, with various rides into the
 bushveld and foothills. Our rides are suitable to the individuals. For the beginner the emphasis is on a safe, relaxed and enjoyable
 ride on horses that will not "run away" with you. The experienced rider can choose a more "spirited horse" for a lively, exhilarating
 ride. Western style riding is becoming more popular, and Saddle Creek Ranch is ideal to learn to ride like a cowboy.
 Lesedi Cultural Village  Lesedi Cultural Village close to Hartbeespoort dam
 The village are run and operated by local people, introducing some of the South African cultures to guests. A very informative tour
 covers five of South Africa's traditional homesteads including Zulu, Xhosa, Pedi, Basotho and Ndebele. You will be treated to a
 wonderful display of traditional African dancing, song and music during the tour. Make sure to take some extra money that you will
 easily spend in the arts and crafts (made by the people from the village) shops at lesedi cultural village. Both the morning and
 afternoon tours includes a fantastic meal, where you can feast on some of South Africa's traditional and more modern meals.
 Pilanesberg national park close to Sun City  Pilanesberg National Park
 The park is situated next to Sun City and is in a malaria free area. Set in the crater of a long extinct volcano, the Park ranks
 among the largest of the parks in South Africa (it is in fact the fourth largest park) and covers an area of 55 000 hectare. Over time,
 wind and water have carved a spectacular landscape with rocky outcrops, open grasslands, wooded valleys and thickets.
 This beautiful national park is in an maleria free area, and home to the Big 5. The park is only 10 kilometers from
 the world famous Sun City.
 Sun City  Sun City, Lost City, The Palace
 The world renowned Sun City is only one hour from Moonlight Backpackers Lodge. Enjoy a wonderful day at Sun City where you
 can visit the crocodile farm, do quad biking, relax in the sun at the man made ocean (Valley of the waves), do a cable slide, try
 your luck at gambling, eat at one of the many restaurants, experience the waterslides, enjoy a meal at one of the many
 restuarant, do a hot air balloon trip, ride an elephant, or just wander about taking in the amazing sights and views.
 Sun City & Lost City golf courses:  Gary Player Country Club  ::  Lost City Golf Course