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 We have a variety of wildlife at Moonlight Backpackers Lodge. Most of the wildlife can be seen from the lodge itself, without having to drive. All
 the feeding and drinking points are within meters from the lodge fences. Every morning at 07:00am we feed the animals, and before sunset we
 give them a snack right at the fence. You can view the animals from a lookout (hide), built against the fence for your convenience, and brilliant
 photo opportunities. Remember your camera.
 We are very fortunate to be involved with the breeding of rare wildlife species on three farms, including some species here at Moonlight Lodge.
 Our breeding projects on the different farms include, Golden wildebeest, Kings wildebeest, Black impala, White impala, Sable antelope, Nyala,
 Bushbuck, and Hartswater springbuck (common, black, and white).
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